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I Scream, You Scream

Munch’s “The Scream” sells for $120,000,000

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Artist Focus: Georg Baselitz

Let me explain: I love Gerhard Richter. I’m infatuated with Richter the way I love Madonna right now—which is to say a lot and this dates me horribly. My rambling aside, I still remember a Richter exhibit I saw with my best friend Richard in San Francisco at SFMOMA and that was almost ten years ago in 2003.

Georg Baselitz, on the other hand, has never really sent me into aesthetic rapture. He’s seemed like Gerhard’s less talented cousin to me, like Britney Spears is to Madonna. Baselitz is good, sometimes great, but you always felt there was better out there.  But this last exhibit at mega-gallery and tastemaker Gagosian in the Chelsea neighborhood of New York knocked it out of the park." title="Related reading/link" onclick=";return false;">Related reading/link →

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